Artificial intelligence in radiology

Artificial intelligence in radiology

Why use artificial intelligence in diagnostic radiology? It helps radiologists when they are in short supply, reduces response times, eliminates human error, gets patients to the right care faster, and reduces costs for the institution.

DATAMED is the distributor in the Baltics and Eastern Europe of several world-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for radiology.



BoneView - Artificial Intelligence for Bone Fracture Recognition BoneView is unique in the X-ray industry in its ability to find fractures in both adult and pediatric bones. We have received a lot of good feedback from our own hospitals such as Daugavpils, Jēkabpils and even Traumatology and Orthopedics hospitals, all of which have tested this algorithm. It has been shown to improve diagnostic time, reduce errors and reduce the chances that something will be missed and the patient will complain to the relevant authorities. By using BoneView for second opinion you avoid overlooking small lesions. BoneView detects fractures, dislocations, dislocations and bone damage on X-ray images, with studies showing up to 30% improvement.

ChestView - Artificial Intelligence for lung X-ray scans to find abnormalities in the lungs. ChestView provides radiologists and clinicians with an instant and automated 2nd reading of chest X-rays, fully integrated into the reading workflow. It aims to dramatically increase sensitivity to detect subtle abnormalities. One of the immediate benefits would be much earlier detection of possible signs of cancer. ChestView detects pneumothorax, pleural effusion, alveolar syndrome, pulmonary nodules and mediastinal masses.

Both solutions are very quick to implement, convenient and will not change the doctor's workflow. The solutions support integration with RIS via HL7. They seamlessly integrate with all IT infrastructures and PACS to process appropriate examinations and display results in the user's normal environment.

The company will soon launch MI solutions for bone age detection and bone measurements that automatically show deformities, curvatures and other imperfections in X-rays of the legs, feet, spine and chest.

Gleamer is a French company, founded in December 2017, currently employing 45 people.
Currently offers two algorithms in Europe and America, used by more than 3,500 users in over 300 hospitals.



INSIGHT MMG - Artificial Intelligence algorithm for Mammography screening. INSIGHT MMG - Algorithm trained with several hundred thousand examples, which accordingly makes this tool a unique assistant for doctors and the best in its industry with 96% accuracy, spotting masses at a much earlier stage. This, like all Lunit products, is both FDA approved and EU registered with CE mark and is Class IIA medical equipment. With Insight MMG, the specialist doctor can diagnose cancer more accurately, the algorithm is able to pinpoint the exact location of the lump as indicated by a heat map or contour, an abnormality score is automatically calculated to help navigate the size and severity of the lump, and breast density is calculated and categorised into four types. More visual info and studies on this product are available - (

INSIGHT CXR - Artificial Intelligence algorithm for lung X-ray INSIGHT CXR - Algorithm trained with over 3,500,000 examples, making this algorithm the leader in its group with 97-99% accuracy. Accurately detects 10 of the most common chest abnormalities on chest radiographs. Supports tuberculosis screening. Just like the other product from this manufacturer, the algorithm pinpoints the location of the abnormality with a heat map or contour, indicates the percentage of abnormality (abnormality score) and is additionally able to provide a "case report" summarising the overall result of the analysis, narrowed down to each finding. More visual info and studies can be found at (

Lunit - South Korean company, founded in 2013. Employing over 190 staff, including over 30 AI researchers and doctors.
Currently offers two algorithms in Europe and America, used in over 80 countries.

Brain Scan

Brain Scan is an AI algorithm that helps find stroke risks in CT scans. Unique range of pathologies - sorting up to 26 classes - wide range of pathologies detected helps prioritise emergency patients. Eliminates errors in complex brain diagnostics, seamless integration powered by BrainScan cloud solution. Also, this product is both CE marked and FDA approved and is a medical device.

Brain Scan - Polish manufacturer, present on the market since 2014


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