DATAMED is a reliable and stable partner of number of medical IT solution manufacturers, and a product reseller and support provider.

Considering that DATAMED provides cloud based PACS and diagnostic information systems service to number of customers, which use different or multiple vendors diagnostic modalities, systems and workstations, we have the widest experience and knowhow of manufacturers, technologies, and their integration. And that is our advantage compared to vendor product resellers. We allow health service providers to combine different technologies, being able to avoid vendor-lock, and thus reducing costs of diagnostic equipment and IT.

Current integrations are made with most of known brands, like AGFA, Philips, GE, Kodak, Siemens, OsiriX, ClearCanvas, Schiller, Velch Allyn, etc, and standard Microsoft, Linux, Oracle OS and DB software.

We cooperate with vendor, resellers and tech support on daily basis to ensure seamless hospital diagnostic system work and problem solutions.