XT2 Connect LIS middleware

Middleware solution set for connecting Laboratory instruments to a laboratory or hospital information system

If you are producing or deploying Hospital information system or Laboratory information system, this middleware solution may complement you IS, and you don't have to vorry about how to add those instruments to your system.
Мiddleware can be integrated to your LIS or HIS, or any other system via standard services and protocols. Middleware exchanges XML type messages with LIS/HIS for worklists and test results. Instruments are connected via TCP/IP or Com ports.

Main functions

Laboratory results retrieve
Work list send
Operation logging
Retrieved and sent data tracking for each instrument



XT2 Connect Server software, Windows based
Automated mini-computer (LIDS) with embedded software, two rs232 and one rs422 ports for instruments
Set of interface drivers for laboratory instruments

About 200 instruments drivers ar available today.

Currently available instrument drivers list

Driver on demand development from $ 2 900.00