Medap-LIS Connect LIS middleware

Middleware solution set for connecting Laboratory instruments to a laboratory or hospital information system

If you are producing or deploying Hospital information system or Laboratory information system, this middleware solution may complement you IS, and you don't have to vorry about how to add those instruments to your system.
Мiddleware can be integrated to your LIS or HIS, or any other system via standard services and protocols. Middleware exchanges XML type messages with LIS/HIS for worklists and test results. Instruments are connected via TCP/IP or Com ports.

Middleware solution comes with necessary lab instrument drivers included. We currently have around 300 drivers, and constantly adding new ones as they apear in the labs. The middleware can be connected to your LIMS or HIS, and you instantly get interfaces to multiple drivers instead of developing them over long time period.

Standard Medap LIMS middleware functionality:
• Analytic device integration and data bridge between laboratory or clinical information systems and devices
• Instrument management, workflow and work list management: initiate tests, collect results, perform instrument-to-instrument communication.
• Laboratory sample tracking, result reporting, and data analysis
• Operation logging, audit trails for each instrument
• + additional features by demand are developed



Medap-LIS Connect Server software, Windows or Linux OS
Automated mini-computer with embedded software, two rs232 and one rs422 ports for instruments
Set of interface drivers for laboratory instruments

Currently available instrument drivers list

Driver on demand development.


Medap Systems is regionally well known Laboratory Information systems provider. We can provide either full Medap LIMS - Laboratory management Information system or just the Middleware if you already heve the LIS in place.