Teleradiology reporting service


Every day several thousands of medical images are stored in DATAMED medical diagnostic archive. Our customers can provide professional medical service to other health institutions via our systems.

Simple steps how technically radiology reporting can be provided:

  1. Hospitals directly from their HW, modalities, store (send) their digital x-ray, RTG, MR, CT or other images into DATAMED PACS (Picture archiving and communication system) server in DICOM format for reporting or second opinion.
  2. Doctors, radiologists, via DM RIS receive information about incoming studies, retrieves studies from PACS viewer, write and save reports back into DATAMED Image management system.
  3. Hospital doctors retrieve particular reports with review images from DATAMED RIS.


How to start?

You can start using DM Cloud PACS immediately after connecting the modality or workstation to DataMed.

Costs depend or type and number of incoming studies or images, for example, on average EUR 0.50 per CR study single payment all inclusive.

We do not provide provide reporting service itself, only PACS RIS only technology for you as radiologist, or for a clinic that is seeking for external radiologists.