Laboratory Information system

More than 100 installations, broad base of customers and users
About 300 models of laboratory instruments (analytic devices) connected to LIS, from most of world's manufacturers List
More than 15 years of experience and LIS technical support
LIS can be easily localized for any language

Laboratorijas Informācijas sistēma LIS

Medap Systems is regionally well known Laboratory Information systems provider. We can provide either full Medap LIMS - Laboratory management Information system or just the Middleware if you already heve the LIS in place.

Advantages of laboratory information system implementation 

  1. Process automation, and process control and communication in laboratories, collection, processing and storage of information
  2. Reduced errors, information loss and repeated studies
  3. Collection and processing of information. Reduction of paper and manual processing
  4. Automation of orders, delivery of results and reports
  5. Data archiving and storage
  6. Documentation standardization
  7. Centralized database for remote access.
  8. Test time reduction and material flow optimization
  9. System logging, analysis
  10. Automated, built-in quality control

The unique laboratory instrumnts automated connection system to LIS, manual test data input option, custom hardware distinguish our LIS system from the competitors.

Privacy and security

Ensuring Privacy, security, data backup
Automatic archiving of laboratory data, both locally and to backup or remote servers
Multiple user access to information
More than 100 installations, broad base of customers and users
Current customers are located in Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia
We are looking for distribution partners from all around the globe. Please apply!