Medical diagnostics data archive for clinitians and patients access

DATAMED is medical diagnostics data archive, where you can access your medical examinations results in a single environment.

Can be deployed in a single clinic, group of clinics, region-wide.

Clinicians, specialists, family doctors, and even patients can have access to digital radiology images, reports, ECG tests, Laboratory test results via one interface on any PC connected to the Internet, using a secure logon.

This is economic, fast and effective solution compared to film printed, CD-written image store and access, or paper printed document delivery.

Digital radiology, laboratory, ECG and other digital results

DATAMED Information system is a scalable platform where all the diagnostic data is consolidated from various diagnostics devices, solutions and even varios medical institutions in case this involves group of service providers.

  • Anywhere access
  • Image or document viewers
  • Results Entry, Reporting, Second opinion
  • Examination forwarding, simple workflow
  • Results printout, e-mailing, CD, password
  • Access control
  • Patient, Primary care access

Existing archives are usually also imported into DMIS.


ECG exam sample

DATAMED elektrokardiogrammas izraksts



Laboratory test result printout sample

DATAMED laboratoriskā izmeklējuma izraksts